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I have a lot going on. That much is for sure. Between family life, work and all the other things that happen everyday, I'm a pretty busy guy.
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  • A Raspberry Pi Evernote Alternative [TwoStairs Paperwork]
    A Raspberry Pi Evernote Alternative [TwoStairs Paperwork] My Evernote Alternative: Running TwoStairs Paperwork on a Raspberry Pi I've been looking for a self-hosted evernote alternative for quite a while. Since my interests in what can be done on the Raspberry Pi, I wanted to see what kind of self hosted Evernote solution I could come up with that would run off a Pi on my local home network.
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  • Roo and the Blackwing 602 Pencil
    I've always had a love for good pencils. It goes back to my youth when I wanted to become a comic book artist. Last night, I realized my youngest son had found his pencil. I was working with the boys on their schoolwork last night, and Roo was moving very slowly through his math work. He was writing very slowly and I thought he was just taking his sweet time in getting the work done. As I looked a bit closer (I had been sitting at my wife's desk about ten feet away), I realized that he was struggling with a stub of a pencil. I watched for a couple moments and noticed he was having problems gripping the pencil. Getting up, I moved over to his desk to see what was going on, and I found that he was struggling with the Blackwing 602 I'd given him a week ago. It now was a two and a half inch stub of a pencil with the eraser used up so it was flat with the ferrule. At this point, I said nothing to see what he'd do.
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  • Easy Pan Fried Chicken Strips
    I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner last night. Rummaging around in the kitchen, I dawned on me that I had everything I needed to make fried chicken strips... if I could pull it off. I've never made fried chicken, and since this was going to be my first attempt, I was a bit nervous. Now, I'd seen my wife make all sorts of fried stuff, so I had a pretty good idea of what I needed to do, so grabbing all the ingredients, I just jumped right in with both feet.
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  • Best Pencils - Polamino Blackwing Review
    Best Pencils - Polamino Blackwing Review Palomino BlackWing: The Best Pencil That You've Probably Never Heard Of I am still an analog kind of guy. While all the tech that surrounds me on a daily basis is nice, when it comes to down to it, nothing beats a good 'ol #2 pencil and a fresh Cahier notebook. Over this past weekend, I was wandering around downtown Ann Arbor with my nephew and two sons. Our primary goal was to hit the Vault of Midnight, which is a comic book shop, but I also wanted to stop over at Peaceable Kingdom as I heard they were going out of business soon.
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  • The Loud Owl In A Tree
    So glad to have actually heard this loud owl in a tree about 25 yards from the house. I was sitting in the living room working on a website when I first heard it.
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  • How To Blog With A Smartphone
    How To Blog With A Smartphone The laptop is fine... I just wanted to see if it was possible to actually create a full blog post from my Samsung Galaxy S4 using the phone, an OTG connector, and a wireless mouse and keyboard. I've wondered for quite a while if it was actually possible to create a blog post from start to finish on my mobile phone. While I do know it's possible using the on screen keyboard, it's also very cumbersome especially when the blog post is very long. The question is not really if it's possible in reality, but more along the lines of how to blog using a smartphone in instances where pulling out a laptop just isn't worth it or feasible.
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Transitioning from Web Development and Project Management to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) hasn't been that difficult. From competitive analysis to on-page optimizations, and from link building to performance monitoring, I'm really liking what I do, and can use what I've learned in this new skill.

Progression Of An SEO Guy

I started out back in the days of Geocities, Bravenet and when MySpace was the social media (did I just admit that?). Back then it was straight HTML, and nothing fancy. Then came the days of flash sites... and then those were gone too. I've gone through Wordpress and Drupal, but found my calling with the Joomla! CMS in August 2012 at Joomladay Chicago. I've put in time at The Detroit Zoo as the sole webdeveloper and now, at 'corePHP' as SEO and SEM expert.

During off times, I love to cook, read bedtime stories to my kids and putz around on my personal sites, making a bit of extra cash as a blogger.




Over the years, I've created over 100 websites. Some of them stuck around, some didn't. These are some of the most memorable ones.

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About Me... The Quick Version

Imported from Vietnam, Grew Up In Ann Arbor. Married a woman from Canton. Moved to Berkley. Moved again to Battle Creek.
Carries an EDC (accused of being a survivalist), Lover of Pho, Collector of Gadgets, and procreator of Children.

Done. Any questions?