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How To Blog With A Smartphone

How To Blog With A Smartphone

The laptop is fine... I just wanted to see if it was possible to actually create a full blog post from my Samsung Galaxy S4 using the phone, an OTG connector, and a wireless mouse and keyboard.

I've wondered for quite a while if it was actually possible to create a blog post from start to finish on my mobile phone. While I do know it's possible using the on screen keyboard, it's also very cumbersome especially when the blog post is very long. The question is not really if it's possible in reality, but more along the lines of how to blog using a smartphone in instances where pulling out a laptop just isn't worth it or feasible.

Tonight, I pulled out the Wireless keyboard and mouse, and hooked them up to my phone using the wireless USB dongle attached to a cheap OTG adapter (that I purchased for $0.50). The OTG adapter was originally purchased for use with the Raspberry Pi Zeros, which only have a microUSB port.

I was pretty excited to see that it actually works to plug in the keyboard and mouse into the phone this way, and it's possible to blog the same way as you would from a desktop, albeit on a much smaller screen.

Being able to write content on the go with a portable keyboard and mouse is easily done, and it's kind of fun to be able to do this way on occasion.

The Samsung S4 is capable of having only one window open, and with the small screen real estate, I'm not sure I'd want a windowed view. I can run more than one tab at once since I'm using the Google Chrome browser in Android, but flipping back and forth between tabs is rather cumbersome, and not the first thing that the developers probably had in mind anyway. The real world use of this setup would be for extreme mobility. Let's say that carrying a full backpack with a 15.9" laptop wasn't possible for a full day of hiking, but you still wanted to take something that you could use and type on quickly. This might be a setup you could go for. Me personally... I don't know if I'd ever need to do this for more than just fun, but that's just the thing. For me, it's all about experimentation and trying something new out.

Because I am using the phone, I don't have the luxury of having full apps like Photoshop obviously, but using photo editing apps for Android, I found that I can get by in pretty good fashion. When it comes to embedding YouTube videos, I found that it just can't be done. There's no embed link when you use the YouTube app, and it's hidden when accessing the videos in a mobile browser. 

My S4's screen turns off in 15 seconds. This can be a bit annoying, but I could always turn up the delay at the expense of batteries. Speaking of batteries, the screen is on full time, and since my Mouse and Keyboard are plugged into the OTG (charging) port, I can't keep my phone charging while it's in use, which is a bit annoying. I have turned the brightness down to half way, and killed other apps, but my battery still seems to be depleating around 1% a minute. I estimate that the phone is only going to be good for about 90 minutes when all is said and done, so I am forced to work quickly. I do have three other batteries that I can just pop into the phone because I have a removable battery, but still this means powering down the phone, swapping the battery, powering it up and finally going back to the blog post in Chrome that I was working on.

Real World Uses? None that serve me.

That's about the extent of it. Just experimentation. For someone that's determined to start blogging, however, most Android phones are set up to recognize a keyboard and mouse, and when attached, become a small single window computer.

This is best served for emergency use only, I decide as I write this now. What kind of emergency would I actually have that I would need to pull out the phone and work from it rather than either one of my laptops anyway?

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