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  • Published in Life

Lentil Soup For A Cold Fall Sunday

I don't usually make the same dishes that I see friends make and share across social media, but this one is one that I just had to make. When I saw my good internet friend, Jay Boucher post a great picture of his lentil soup crockpot on Instagram, it was exactly what I was hankering for on these colder weekends. Asking Boucher of his recepie, I decided to follow suit, and add my own twist in the process.

  • Published in Projects

Run Your Own Self Hosted CRM With SugarCRM On A Raspberry Pi

Having a good CRM is a no brainer. SugarCRM is an excellent SalesForce alternative if you're looking to save money.

Running SugarCRM on a Raspberry Pi costs less than $5 a year, and best of all, you own the data.

When I was freelancing, I used SugarCRM to manage accounts, contacts and relevant information through the engagement as it has all the features that both freelancers like myself and outside sales people need for collecting and retaining customer information.