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San Francisco Taqueria, Battle Creek Has The Best Mexican Food

I really like good Mexican food, but it has to be authentic.

San Francisco Taqueria on Capital Avenue in Battle Creek meets all the requirements I have for authenticity.

While I may not be much of an expert on Hispanic cuisine, I do know what I like, and they got it. Specifically, it's the Mexican tacos that I go there for.

They're two six inch corn tortillas (one on top of the other) and are loaded with seasoned steak bits, onions and cilantro. Served with a lime, cucumbers and radish on the side, these little tacos are perfect for that lunchtime hunger craving.

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OK. Who Ripped One???

I am not amused.

There I was, sitting in my office, minding my own business when SOMEBODY had to come in here and tear one off.

Silent But Deadly (SBD)

You left my office. You left me to try and deal with your stentch.

Curses of a thousand chinchillas upon you for this abomination.

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I Want Nachos

It hit me all of a sudden.

Nachos. I. Want. Nachos.

Not that wimpy bareback chippie bowl and melted fake cheese nacho garbage.

I did a quick Google Search for loaded Nachos and came up with this recipe for Loaded Nachos from The Pioneer Woman's blog that really kicked the nacho desire into high gear. 

The recipe called for a lot of hearty goodness in those nachos, but hold the Avocado. I don't like avocados for whatever reason. Must have had a bad experience that is now buried somewhere deep in the subconscious. 

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Pastrami Joe's... A Battle Creek kind of Deli

While there really isn't much of a selection for a culinary enthusiast (AKA: Foodie) in Battle Creek, there are a few places that are worthy of mention. One of these places is Pastrami Joe's.

Founded in 2003, Pastrami Joe's is one of those kinds of delis that you walk into and stand there, gaping at the extensive menu for at least five minutes to try and figure out what sandwich you're going to get. It's the type of place that Alton Brown would just get one of everything in and call it a day: