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My Workday Everyday Carry

It's really no secret that I have an interest in Everyday Carry.

While "everyday carry" is not survival preparations, it borders somewhere between life hacking and a life style. I have found great value in having the most essential things I want throughout the day with me when they're needed. 

It's the things like nail clippers, for when my nails start clackety clacking the keyboard if they start getting a bit too long, or a AA battery for my wireless mouse when it's old battery finally starts dying unexpectedly.

Having a few items that can get you through the day, while making your life better and easier really makes a difference in how you feel when you leave work.


Getting Things Done With Post It Notes

Post It Notes are becoming quite a tool for organization and remembering things for me in my daily life.

I needed a system of getting all the things I needed to do, written down and organized very quickly. It had to be even faster than typing reminders in to my phone because many times, I'll squirrel or lose my train of thought all together.

When it comes to making sure I remember things, I love jotting notes down as opposed to putting them into my phone digitally. Pen in paper is one of the things that I love, and even if the Apocalypse happens, I can still access information while everyone else is trying to find a solar panel to jack into.

Here's the system I use. Obviously, you can come up with your own variation if you like what you see, but this is what works for me.