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My Workday Everyday Carry

My Workday Everyday Carry

It's really no secret that I have an interest in Everyday Carry.

While "everyday carry" is not survival preparations, it borders somewhere between life hacking and a life style. I have found great value in having the most essential things I want throughout the day with me when they're needed. 

It's the things like nail clippers, for when my nails start clackety clacking the keyboard if they start getting a bit too long, or a AA battery for my wireless mouse when it's old battery finally starts dying unexpectedly.

Having a few items that can get you through the day, while making your life better and easier really makes a difference in how you feel when you leave work.

My Condor MA16 Pocket Pouch Everyday Carry

It all starts with the things I needed or wanted every day while at work. I regularly found myself wishing I had Ibuprofin during a server outage or a small multi-tool when my rolly chair loses it's wheel (that happens almost daily). It's the times when the can opener goes missing and I really kind of need it to open that can of tuna!

Having these kinds of things really alleviates stress and frustrations with the minor hiccups in life that can build and drive you nuts.

The Condor MA16 Pocket Pouch

I picked up a relatively small pouch to put the essential gear into so that I could move the stuff from backpack to backpack easily. I used to carry the items in the existing pockets of the backpack, but quickly found that it was a real pain to switch bags. I'd have to reorganize everything in the next backpack, and that wasted a lot of time.

Having a tactical pouch means everything stays together, and there's only one thing to move to the next backpack - the pouch itself.

The Condor MA16 offers a 4x5 mesh easy-access pocket on the front, as well as various pockets and loops to put stuff in on the inside. it's a tight squeeze, and the pouch is pretty much maxed out with all the things I do carry, but it works great as a system to carry everything for now.

Price: $10 via

On the front pocket of the MA16 is a 5"W x 4"H mesh pouch. I have found that this is the perfect "easy access" pouch for the things I reach for most:

  • Mini Bic Lighter (yellow in photos)
  • Gerber Dime (blue/silver)
  • Super Glue

On the left interior pocket, There are five loops to put tools and writing utensils in. Behind the loops is a full length pocket. In my carry, I have the following:

On the right side, there are two full length pockets that run the length of the pouch. There's also a flip out Badge or ID holder with a window fixed to this side.

Left Pocket on Right Side:

Right Pocket on Right Side:

  • 6 zipties of various length
  • 2x AA batteries (lithium, not shown, but in pocket)
  • 2x AAA batteries (lithium, not shown, but in pocket)
  • Stanley Screwdriver Pen (PH0, Ph1 phillips heads & 1/8, 5/32 flat heads, yellow top peeking out of pocket)
  • Gorilla 32GB USB drive (hanging from safety pin)

Flip Out Pouch:

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