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Roo and the Blackwing 602 Pencil

I've always had a love for good pencils. It goes back to my youth when I wanted to become a comic book artist. Last night, I realized my youngest son had found his pencil.

I was working with the boys on their schoolwork last night, and Roo was moving very slowly through his math work. He was writing very slowly and I thought he was just taking his sweet time in getting the work done.

As I looked a bit closer (I had been sitting at my wife's desk about ten feet away), I realized that he was struggling with a stub of a pencil. I watched for a couple moments and noticed he was having problems gripping the pencil.

Getting up, I moved over to his desk to see what was going on, and I found that he was struggling with the Blackwing 602 I'd given him a week ago. It now was a two and a half inch stub of a pencil with the eraser used up so it was flat with the ferrule. At this point, I said nothing to see what he'd do.

It wouldn't rest on the bridge of his hand correctly between the thumb and first finger. He was holding the pencil awkwardly, resting the eraser against the palm of his hand in more of a sketching grip than a writing pose.

I sat down next to him and watched as he wrote. It was a struggle for sure, even with his small hands, and when he had to sharpen the pencil again, it became almost impossible because the eraser stump wouldn't even rest on his palm.

I said, "Why don't you get a new pencil?"

"I like this one."

"But there's nothing left of that one."

"There's a little bit."

"Let me get you a new one of those."

I gave Roo and my oldest son new Blackwing 602 pencils, but what I realized was that my Roo had found the pencil he liked. I noticed his lines were bolder, more confident and he liked writing with (and sharpening) the pencil. 

I also realized that the Blackwing pencils were perfect for kids because they use the eraser alot. Most of the pencils that I see look like this:

used erasers

The Blackwing pencils are perfect for the kids because the erasers can be moved up as needed, and are also replaceable. 

Its as easy as pulling the silver eraser clutch out of the ferrule, and either moving the eraser up in the clutch for more eraser, or replacing it when there's just not enough left. Roo had completely use his up what was showing, and hadn't relized that he could move more eraser up. I showed him this, and on the new pencil, he removed the unused eraser and put it in his pencil case for later, and put the old one in to use it up.

blackwing pencils and erasers

The Blackwing 602 is now the only pencil he likes. If it helps him do his work and feel good about it, then it's well worth the cost to me.

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