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We're Going To The Alton Brown Live, Eat Your Science Show

alton brown eat your science tour

My wife needs something fun to look forward to.

As a stay at home mom of four in the house, scheduling our lives, cleaning up after us (I'm Mr. Messy By Accident) and all the things that no one ever knows or hears about, she needs a break and something to look forward to.

The Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science tour was something she had wanted to go to for a while. I really wanted to take her as well. Alton Brown is one of our family favorites to watch, and now she's going.

Earning an affiliate commission from my Everyday Carry and drone review sites has not just enabled me to get the tickets without worry, but also has provided a lot of other great things for us... Like a car, excercise equipment and more.

Now we are able to do things, like getting these tickets to the Alton Brown Show without worrying about our finances. It's made our lives better. It helps us do the things we want to do as well as have the things that we want.

It feels good to be able to take Jin to something such as the Eat Your Science Tour show because she really wants to see it, and without worry of how we're going to afford it. 

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