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You Gotta Have The Right Tools To Get The Job Done

You Gotta Have The Right Tools To Get The Job Done

You've probably heard the old saying, "You need to have the right tools to get the job done" and for the most part, this saying is true.

I found it to be especially true if you're doing any amount of blogging or developing for the web.

Even as an integrator, or someone that knows just enough programming to be dangerous, I have found that my previous train of thought, you don't need more than a Chromebook to blog isn't exactly true.

Here's the story:

For years, I had a Toshiba A7200 laptop that was my primary laptop. It lasted me for over four years of everyday (and all day) use.

It was a powerhouse with a 4 hyperthreaded core processor, 24GB RAM and dual hard drives. I loved that machine.

In June of 2016, that laptop failed to boot up for the last time. It was right after I wrote the post "Fathers Day in Frankfort, MI 2016" that the A7200 met it's demise.

I didn't want to admit it then, but losing that laptop crippled my productivity. I no longer had a zippy computer to do work on, and since I had to move back to my Acer CB-11 Chromebook, I dropped from 1920x1080 screen resolution to 1366x768. 

The Chrome OS is very restrictive, and even after loading Crouton and switching to Ubuntu, I couldn't overcome the small screen size.

Creating websites and even writing blog posts is really cumbersome when the website thinks you're on a tablet. The content editor in the admin dashboard is larger than your window, which is cumbersome because you have to scroll around a lot.

I couldn't load any photo editing software that was any good, and definately Photoshop was out of the question.

I soon realized that it took three times longer to do simple things, like write blog posts as it did on the A7200, and I soon found that I actually hated blogging.

Around October, I got a "cheap" replacement laptop, but didn't realize that the screen size was still 1366x768.

Even though it was a i7 quad core, it maxed out at 8GB RAM (barely enough to run the virtual machines) and only had a single hard drive bay. 

Although at work, I had a monitor that could do 1920x1080, At home, I still was no better off.

The slowness of the computer and the horrifically bad screen size still kept me from enjoying blogging.

In the past six months, I've only written six blog posts, and haven't created any new websites that I've truly enjoyed.

Enter The MSI GP62 Powerhouse

Just today, My new laptop came in. It's a 15.6" laptop with full 1920 graphics. It's has a hyperthreaded core i7, 32GB RAM and dual hard drive bays (256SSD OS Drive and 1TB 7200RPM secondary platter drive).

Even though I haven't finished installing all my favorite software, I'm truely enjoying the computer experience again. It feels good to have screen real estate, and most of all, I'm flying through this blog post without any frustrations.

For me, it's a real lesson that you really should have the right tools to get the job done, and in this case, to really enjoy what you do too.

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