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The Everyday Carry

The Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry is What You Carry Everyday, and this site was created to showcase some of the things that people carry in their EDC. It took two weeks to build, write the content and go live. The Everyday Carry started from watching videos on Youtube, interestingly enough. I was watching the series on what Patriot36 had in his EDC Bag, and decided to look a little deeper into it. 

I found out that Everyday Carry, as a thing, had already been big in the Prepper and Survivalist communities, but was just making its way into the general population as something. I immediately capitalized on this and created -- an Amazon affiliate site built in Joomla to showcase and promote various everyday carry items, bag dumps and related blog posts.

I touch a bit more on everyday carry in the blog post "The Jumbo Versipack, A Weekend EDC Bag". I go into detail a bit about the bag, what I carry and how it's used.

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