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Raspberry Pi 3 Is On It's Way!

Raspberry Pi 3 Is On It's Way!

The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic little machine. I have quite a few of them, and my wife just ordered a Rasberry Pi 3 Model B kit from Amazon to add to my collection.

Right now, I have a Raspberry Pi Zero running Piratebox (Piratebox Homepage) that provides a Ad Hoc WiFi network for the kids to connect their tablets to and play Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) in network mode.I also have a Raspberry Pi 2 running as our OMSC Media Center that's hooked to our TV. We did away with the chromecast when we found that we could get movies that just came to theaters in 1080P HD quality as opposed to waiting forever for Netflix or Hulu to get them.

I use a Raspberry Pi B (512MB First gen) as a RetroPie Gaming Center. It's an emulator that can play games from many of the older consoles. I have a second Pi "B" that's out on loan to a friend as well.

There's an orginal 256MB Raspberry Pi Model A serving as my RuneAudio music player that I take to work as well as use at home

And finally, a second Raspberry Pi Zero that's used as an isolated OwnCloud webserver. This is also a disconnected Ad Hoc network that I connect to to transfer sensitive files.

The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is essentially the same as a Rasberry Pi 2 except that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are now integrated on the board as opposed to being forced to use a USB Wi-Fi Dongle for wireless as the Pi 2 needs.

The Rasberry Pi 3 will become the OSMC Media center, while the Pi 2 will be the RetroPi Gaming center.

The biggest pro to having both a Pi 2 and 3 is that the MicroSD card can be swapped. You don't need to create a new disk image and start all over. Essentially, I'll put the Pi 2 MicroSD card with the OSMC Media Center on it right into the Pi 3, and then the RetroPi gaming center MicroSD from the Pi model B into the Pi 2.

It gets better...

favi mini bluetooth keyboard

Wifey also bought a handheld backlit keyboard with integrated touchpad for the OSMC media center, and a Game Controller for the RetroPie.

I was actually quite impressed with the keyboard. It's a 2.4gHz wireless IIDEE i8 mini keyboard that has a blue backlight for watching late night action movies with wifey.

There are dedicated play, FF, RW and volume buttons on the upper left of the keyboard and a host of other buttons dedicated for web use (email, open browser, etc...). It's specifically compatible with the Raspberry Pi and PC's, and only costs $14 (check current price)!

dragonwar dual shock game controllerWe also ordered a wireless Dragonwar PC/Phone game controller for the RetroPie. The boys had been struggling with using the keyboard as the controller, and we decided that if this was going to really be a "thing" for them, we might as well get a real USB gaming controller. Cost was only $30 (check current price)

Back To The Raspberry Pi 3...

rpi 3

The Raspberry Pi 3 sells for $40 currently, but my wife decided to get a kit rather than try to piece-mail the whole thing together.

It comes with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, Case, Heat Sinks, HDMI cable, MicroSD card and everything else needed to get started. It was just more convenient than trying to put everything together ourselves, and the cost wasn't bad either. The Pi 3 kit costs $75 (check current price) but comes with everything but the keyboard and mouse.

raspberry pi 3 canakit bundle

We already have a HD TV (1080P & 4K) in our living room as you can see from the featured image.

The nice thing about this TV is that it has two HDMI inputs so I can toggle back and forth between Raspberry Pi's depending on what we want to do.

While the Pi 3 isn't capable of running 4K video, it will work very nicely for our purposes, and until we get that lavish 62" curved Samsung TV, it won't really matter anyway. ;D

Thank you wifey for getting me the Pi, and all the accessories!


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