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Raspberry Pi Webserver Project

Raspberry Pi Webserver Project

I do love a good project, and this time it was building my second Raspberry Pi Webserver. While the first one was built on a Model B with 512MB RAM, this one is on a Raspberry Pi 2.

Built for Speed... as much as the 1GB Raspberry Pi Webserver and home network do.

First of all, I have four raspberry pi's around the house. I got my first one when they first came out, the Raspberry Pi model A with only 256MB RAM memory. I went through the Model B, then the Model B+ and now I have a RPi 2.

The Raspberry Pi 2 has a 64GB MicroSD card -- I knew I was going to be using this as a server, so I got the biggest card that the Pi could take. I do have a 128GB, but it won't read in the Pi at all (bummer). 

The Raspberry Pi 2 runs Apache2 and PHP. I got rid of all the extra software that came on the pi, and removed the GUI as well. 

free memory

So with running the server, and CMS, I have plenty of memory to spare. As far as the quadcore ARMv7 processor, here's what I got:

cpu info

Still not bad.

I loaded the GRAV flat file CMS, a content management system that uses no database. I used GRAV as it's so darn fast, and on a low memory webserver, on the home network, I load pages in well under .03 seconds, and that's only with GRAV caching.


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