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$10 Nitecore Tube Review

$10 Nitecore Tube Review

I've been carrying the Nitecore Tube Rechageable LED Flashlight for about three months now.

I've always wanted to try doing video reviews as well, so I decided to try one finally.

Since there's not a really good place in the house to do videos when the family is sleeping, I decided to do videos out in the garage, and it seems to work very well. The lighting is decent and I don't wake anyone up with my ramblings.

I felt a bit nervous doing a video for some reason, but after the third take, it felt about as good as it was going to get, so I just ran with it.

The Nitecore Tube has been one of my favorite little pocket EDC lights since I got it. This flashlight offers four modes:

  • Low mode @ 1 lumen for 48 hours (I got 56 hours on my test)
  • High mode @ 45 lumens for 1 hour (I got 1 hour, 10 minutes on my tests)
  • Momentary mode - light turns on only while you depress the power button
  • variable mode - set the amount of light you need, somewhere between low and high mode

The Nightcore Tube is rechargeable via a microUSB charging cable (Android phone cable) from a computer, wall plug, car charger, powerbank or any other 1A / 2.1A USB charging port.

Recharge time is approximately 1-2 hours depending on how depleated the battery the battery is.

The one drawback to this light is that you cannot use the light while it's recharging. The LED will turn off during the recharge to minimize the amount of time needed to recharge the flashlight.

The Nitecore Tube also comes without the charging cable, so you need to either have one or purchase one separately.

The Tube is IP65 water resistant, meaning it is dust and water resistant, not waterproof (IPX8 rating). I have used the light in moderate to heavy rains during testing and it works great, but I don't think I'll test it by dropping it in water and completely submerging it.

Well, for what it's worth, here's my first review video debut.


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