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My Fold Journal & Trekker Space Pen

My Fold Journal & Trekker Space Pen

I Love The Fold Journal!

The Fold Journal is a 48 page pocket journal, much like the Moleskine Cahier. It feels similar in almost every way, but there's something that's really nice about the Fold Journal -- It's a lot less expensive than the comparable Moleskine or Field Notes pocket journals. 

Fold Journals come with dot grid paper where the dots have a 5mm spacing. Dot grids are perfect for those of us that want to section off parts of each page for different items we're keeping track of.

I usually have my tasks at the top, notes in the center and meetings / expenses at the bottom, but I use my pocket journals a bit differently than most.

If you've ever used a checkbook register, you'll know that it's used sideways. I use the Journal in the same way, giving me more space to write on each line, and allowing me to section off the top and bottom into two or three sections.

flipper journal demo

Above is how the demo journal is laid out.

You could also turn a standard grid notebook sideways too, but the dot graph paper also lends itself very well to creating graphs, charts, drawings and other things that you'd want to capture quickly or on the go.

When the journal is on it's side, I use the top half of the top page for the tasks. Sometimes I'll split it in two sections and put meetings on the right. When I am on a different page, I just flip the pages down at the crease to go back and refer to outstanding tasks that I still have yet to do. I call this the "Flipper Journal".

Learn more about the Flipper Journal at

The Fold Journals are crafted by good friend, Ryan Satterlee out of Rockford, Il., and come in a five pack for $10. Learn more about the fold journal at

I like the fact that they're just $2 a journal whereas Moleskines and Field Notes are $3.34 each, but only come in packs of three. When you go through one every 10 to 14 days, the cost savings of the Fold Journal really makes a difference.

A Journal By Itself Needs Company

Just carrying around a journal won't help if you don't have a pen or pencil handy to write with. 

I used to carry full size pens like Bics and G2 roller balls, but they all would only go well into the back pocket, eventually falling out or breaking right when I needed it most. 

I gave up on full size pens earlier this year when I found the Fisher "Trekker" Space Pen, which is an all metal, pocket size pen that isn't much taller than a lighter and works reliably in every condition I've used it in. 

Space pens are best known for their ability to write upside down due to the pressurized cartridge, but they also work in harsh weather conditions as well. I left it in my car's cup holder last night and even though it only got down to 32°F/0°C, the space pen worked first thing in the morning without having to scribble to get the ink flowing.

Since the pen is pocket sized, it's always on me so I always have a way to write things down.

open fold journal and trekker space pen

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