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4PM Friday: Rock Crystal Edition

4PM Friday: Rock Crystal Edition

4PM Friday is a weekly series of what I've been up to for the week.

How I'm Feeling:
Lost and Unfocused.

I realize that I've been feeling a bit lost these days. I haven't been in to drones lately, and I realized that I've been really scattered in my thoughts as well as interests lately. I've written a few blog posts, but I've discovered that I need to focus on one hobby and one website for now. That's why I've come back to this one.

What I'm Testing: Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switches

I've been putting the One Up Mechanical Keyboard through punishing tests this week. It's a nice 87-key keyboard that's meant for gaming, but I've decided that I really like the feel of a clicky keyboard more than standard membrane keyboards (Thanks to One Up for sending me this keyboard. Look for a full review later on this month)!

The nice thing about the keyboard is that you can really feel and hear each click, and I find that I can type a lot faster than if I was on a membrane keyboard.

The downside is that the blue switches against the aluminum housing are LOUD. Even though it doesn't bother anyone in the office, I swear they can all hear me work now.

What's On Order: X Japan | "We Are X" OST

I've been a fan of XJapan ever since my friend in 7th grade, Akiro, introduced me to their "Blue Blood" album. Just today, I ordered the "We Are X" OST, but not the international version. The music is from the film released last year under the same name (We Are X Film Website). I got the original Japanese version that will be shipped from Japan with the two bonus songs on CD2.

My Blue Blood CD is also a Japanese version, given as a gift by Akiro before he returned to Japan, so ordering the Japanese We Are X CD set is in a way, a bit more special to me. 

In The Music Player:

Once Were Ghosts |Transient Silence

once were ghosts transient silence

With The Kids: Rock Crystals

Three days ago, the kids and I did a science experiment with rock crystals and trying to get them to grow. Yesterday, we found that there was about 1mm of growth, but when we took a peek this evening, the sight was just unbelievably beautiful!

When we started, I had the kids document things like what was the water temp, how much of the crystal chemicals we used and their guesses about how well it was going to grow considering it was in the basement, and in my office where it's dark.

Two nights ago, we found that the crystals only grew about a millimeter, and the kids were a bit crestfallen that there wasn't more to look at.

Last night, This is what we found:

growing rock crystals with the kids

I'm pretty excited to get home tonight to see what kind of progress the crystals have made.

Growing the rock crystals has been fun. Every evening, the kids and I check on them and see the progress. If you've got kids, I'd recommend giving this a try. 

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